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So I bought an iPad because I wanted to read comics on it. Don’t ask me how often I’ve actually used it for that purpose because I seldom ride the trains and don’t have much time to sit and read these days. The little free time I get, I spend with my dog, wife, and kid watching crap on netflix. Reading is more of a solitary act, and I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like.

In any case, one of the reasons I didn’t use my iPad much was because I was afraid that I’d drop or break it. I had a nice case from speck, and y’all know I love my speck cases!

As much as I like the case, it feels really good in my hands and it is fairly light, I didn’t entirely trust the case to absorb a hard or high fall. So in addition to my time limitations, add to that the fact that I didn’t want to break the damn thing.

Enter the Otterbox case. This thing is way bulkier, heavier, but it completely surrounds the iPad’s body, corners, and even the screen is protected by a plastic cover. Mind you, I also put on a tempered plastic protector on my iPad.

This case is no joke, it feels much better in terms of safety than my other speck case did. It was fairly simple to assemble and the buttons fit perfectly with a nice clicking feel to them, the screen is responsive, and the fingerprint button is easily accessible. However, it will make the iPad heavier, much heavier, two hands heavier. LOL. However, though I haven’t dropped it yet, I think it would survive based on these new protective measures I’ve taken.

I’m not as confident as I am about an iPhone surviving a fall, but that is not due to the case, and more because of the weight and how the iPad is sized. I feel like it could crack solely on the device’s weight depending how it hit the floor. But I’m infinitely more comfortable now than I was prior to this case. It’s not cheap, but totally worth a look!

What’s your favorite iPad case?

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