Pathetic Fakers: Grow two inches instantly

So I saw this post on Facebook today, it said “Grow two inches instantly.” I wonder why the hell are they marketing a height product to me, I mean, I know I’m short, but I never post anything about height. I have no idea where the heck this came from.

Personally, I think this is pathetic. They say, “Gain confidence by gaining up to two inches instantly.” Seriously? What self respecting individual would in any way shape or form attempt to mislead others as to their height, and feel confident about it?

Wouldn’t you instead feel like a fake, a fraud? Don’t you think that portraying yourself as taller than you really are is pathetic? Confidence, or lack thereof comes from within. Putting on some shoes that raise you higher off the ground should make you feel ashamed of yourself.

There are things in life that we absolutely cannot change, and we must accept them for what they are. Understand, that this is your body, and you are stuck with it. You can change some things, but not everything.

Say you meet a tall girl, and she takes interest in you, based on the premise that you are her height, or greater. Then you take her home, and now the shoes come off. She now discovers your true height, and it’s two inches shorter than what you she thought you were while you were dating. How do you expect that to go over? The point is, she’s gonna know, so why not just be upfront and present yourself as you are?

If you are heavy, you can potentially change your body. This is one of the things you can control. If you have crooked teeth, you can get braces, another thing you can control. However, height is one of the things you cannot change. You have to embrace it, accept it, and understand that it is what it is.

It’s just like penis size. I remember when I was a kid, everyone would stake their manhood on how big their man tool was. As I got older, I realized that talk is cheap, and at the end of the day, if you are lying, you will be exposed.

I have what I’d call an “average” penis, at best. I’m talking on a good day, my man tool is average. Now, following the same logic I mentioned before regarding height. If I went around telling women I have a 10 inch penis, if there is one who wants me solely for that 10 inch man tool, she’s gonna eventually find out, I’ll be exposed, and she’ll be sorely disappointed. So why would I lie about something like that?

There is nothing you can do to grow your penis, despite all sorts of claims and stuff out there. Some of those procedure even put you at risk of damaging your peen, so why would you EVER, EVER, EVER risk damaging a loyal, perfectly functional man tool, to impress other men with your “size?” Are you freaking kidding me?

Be real with it, I’m 5’7″ inches tall. I have an average sized penis. It gets hard, it feels pleasure, it gives pleasure. Sure, there are times I can’t reach something that is too high, but I can walk. I have experienced life, and I’m grateful. I don’t like being fat, I’m changing it, for my health, and for vanity reasons. But, I know that I cannot make myself taller, without some truly expensive, dangerous, and insane medical procedures, and I cannot grow my freaking man tool, without risking breaking it, so I simply accept these things are they are.

Really, it’s all about ego, and trying to be the meanest kid on the block. And that’s not about them, that’s about you. Work on yourself to accept things as they are. Especially the ones that you absolutely cannot change. Difficult as it may be to accept, it is what it is. I’ve accepted that I’ll never be taller than average at best, and there is absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing I can do about that. With that understanding, it’s easy to accept it. I don’t want to hurt these people’s business, but please, don’t be a faker, cause they’ll always know!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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