Patriots day at Logan County Airport!

For those of you in the West Virginia area, or those that can make it there from where ever you are. Please join us this Saturday, March 17th for theĀ 1st Annual Logan County Airport/Patriots day! You are invited to bring family and friends.

This event is hosted by MARPAT Aviation, and The Logan County Sons of the Second. Come and enjoy food, entertainment, and speak with like minded people. What more is there? Make sure you bring your lawn chairs. We’ll have at least two bands. Gospel, Bluegrass, and Country Rock.

Information booths will be setup by recruiters from the armed forces, along with NRA, Oathkeepers, and many other proud American organizations. Speakers will include Team Ninja members, Wayne Dupree, Jackie Wellfonder, Ted DeRuvo, and Angel Rodriguez (that’s me.)

For further details check out Facebook Event link here! And yes, I did copy some of the details from the event page, Mike Holbrook did a pretty good job explaining everything, so why not?