Pedophile who raped babies was found dead

Back in 2016, a pedophile who raped babies was found dead. I just came across this story, and I was wondering how readers would respond to my thoughts on this one. So this dude, James King, was part of a gang who raped children and shared it online. According to the official news story, he was convicted and received a sentence of 24 years for raping a baby, recording it, and sharing it with other pedos.

So this dude was in prison, and apparently on suicide watch. It was said that some of the inmates had taken out contracts on him. One of the punishments they wanted to issue involved putting sugar in water, boiling it, and then throwing it at him. So apparently, the loser hung himself. There was some suspicion of foul play, but ultimately it was ruled a suicide.

As I read this story, I couldn’t help but think to myself, good for that fucker. But it would have been nice if they got to sugar him a few times prior to him killing himself. His mom said that he was afraid the other inmates were going to hurt him, and I can’t say that this wasn’t deserved. I don’t about the mom, but as a father, I do feel empathy for her. For him, I have zero consideration. He should have been dead and never even made it to prison.

People like him, they should be murdered in the most painful of ways, no questions asked. Raping a 3 month old baby? 24 years in prison? No, a slow, painful, torturous death is what he deserves. I’m glad that he’s gone, and I hope that he suffered for what he did to those children. Disgusting, sick fucking guy.

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