People from all over the East Coast protect Sandy Hook child/adult funerals.

It’s a damn shame that anyone needs to have protection from anyone else when attending a funeral.  We’ve all heard about this type of thing before, but it’s usually gang related right? You go to a funeral for one of your fellow gang members, then while at the funeral the rival gang comes by and starts to shoot up the place.  We’ve heard it in the news, seen it in the movies, and in some areas it’s a regular part of life.

Who would in a million years think that a child, a victim of a senseless shooting with no rhyme or reason would have their funeral interrupted? Not by gang bangers, not by someone seeking revenge, but by some psychos from some ridiculous fake church.  Make no mistake, Westboro is not really a congregation, just a family of psychos who have been brainwashed and called themselves a church.  They are small and will hopefully die out because they have some ridiculous rule about reproducing or whatever.  Anyway fack them, no one cares about their rules, we care that they exist for now.  We care about how those piece of craps would dare interrupt an innocent child’s funeral. A time of mourning and heavy grieving for families like this should be respected. But these animals claim that “God is punishing families because they support gay marriage” or some garbage like that and they picket. Sick scum.

Well, this isn’t the first time that a group of people have taken a stand against these animals.  College students, community servants, and many other groups have formed human blockades to prevent these idiots from getting close to the funerals they planned to protest in the past. This is just another example of our good citizens standing up for what’s right!  Good on them for this too! Who in their right mind would do such a thing? I just cannot understand these sick, sick, sick people. Disgusting.

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