Pepsi Kendall Jenner Fail

I haven’t seen the commercial of the Pepsi Kendall Jenner fail as of yet, but you’d have to be living under a rock to not know about the backlash that Pepsi and Kendall Jenner are experiencing over the Black Lives Matter commercial.

I think that sometimes, we make mistakes that could not have been foreseen. There are times where we realize, “Oh crap, I just screwed up.” Then there are times where you can’t help but wonder WHO THE HELL WAS INVOLVED?

First of all, why the hell would someone cast Kendall Jenner as the main person in a commercial about BLACK LIVES MATTER? That is the very, very. very first question that I’d have to ask about this. Who, what agent, what producer, who sat around and thought, “Hey, it’s a great idea to cast one of these Kardashian linked people as the star of the PepsiĀ Black lives Matter commercial.” I mean, seriously, who can make that type of mistake and still manage to go forward with the project? Didn’t someone in that decision making group say, “Uhm, no. Just no.”

There are so many Black, Afro Latinos, or other actually affected individuals who could have been tagged for the role. I’m not even getting into the details, because I haven’t seen the commercial. But simply looking at casting, why? Why would you cast her? Who did you talk to about this? Did you speak to any BLM groups? Did you even query the people you wanted to reach, or did some out of touch executive simply think that they knew what the movement would like?

(Going to watch the commercial now.)

Okay, so after watching the commercial, I think that the backlash is justified, and I am even more confused as to how Pepsi thought that this was gonna work out well for them. I’m also confused as to why Kendall Jenner took this role. SMH. I think that Colbert laid it out best here, just click play, and have a listen.

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Angel Rodriguez

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