I look Gay

When I was younger, in my 20s or so, I used to party a lot. When going partying, I’d dress a certain way, trim my eyebrows, etc. Due to this, one of the things that people would often say to me was that I look gay.

In those days, a few of the places I often went to were Webster Hall, Culture Club, and Flash Dancers. Pretty much every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night was spent at one, or some other night club. On occasion I’d go to “church” (strip club) during lunch time with the fellas, have a few drinks, then head back to the office. The guys I worked with partied pretty hard too, they were slightly older than me, and could drink a lot more than I could.

Yes, back in those days, I was very fit, and I did dress in a way that led many people to ask me if I was gay or straight. The answer was always straight, but that never stopped people from asking me the same question several times over. They didn’t believe me, you look gay dude.


“The way you dance, the way you move, it’s so sensual. How can you be straight and look the way you do?”

To which I’d always reply, “Thank you, but I’m not interested. I’m not gay.”

The cool part of being “hot,” and recognized due to the recurring visits was that I began to have special privileges at the clubs. There came a point in time, that all I had to do was walk to the front of the line, hug whichever of my friends was there, and I’d be on my way, comped in, and with free drink tickets. I mean it was that awesome for me!


Webster Hall – The admission person was a man who dressed in drag. This guy liked me, and would always hook me up when I came. Once inside, depending who was bartending, I’d usually get hooked up with free drinks. Otherwise I’d use my free drink tickets from the front. I’d always make sure to leave some nice tips though, to take care of my bartender!

Culture Club – I got to know one of the security guards, and as soon as this dude would see me, he’d come over, grab me, and pull me out of the line and bring me inside. Once inside, I went to my buddy, and he’d hook me up with this amazing drink, I can’t remember the name of it, but it tasted great, it was green, and man would it get me wasted! Man I miss those nights of drunken partying! Such great times! I used to go to Culture Club with my friend Nancy, I lost contact with her, and greatly do miss her friendship.


Flash Dancers – This was another spot where I got to know the bouncers, and the managers. Eventually some of the girls too. They always took care of us with comped drinks and dances. As mentioned before, always tip these folks when they hook you up. I can’t remember too much of the Flash Dancers days, except two girls, and one song. The song they were playing was “the music sounds better with you,” and the girls were, one blond, who thought I was gay, and this tall, asian girl who was in college and was only there to make tuition money. I was never comfortable in a strip club, especially sober, so I’d drink a lot, as such my memory of the times are fuzzy. But I do recall having fun with the boys, and how much fun it was to get my body caressed and enjoyed by such hot women.


Perhaps this had nothing to do with my being a “metrosexual,” and more to do with the fact that I frequented the places, who knows. But things like that don’t really happen for me anymore. I think perhaps I need to lose some weight, shave, and trim my eyebrows extremely thin again!

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