Pharrell offends Native Americans with headdress


No matter what anyone does these days, someone will find a way to be offended. Even guys like Pharrell, who are leftist Gods are not immune. I told you homie, supporting Hillary wouldn’t do anything for you when it hit the fan. Although, many are saying, “He sincerely apologized so we forgive him.” I guess because of his leftist position, he gets somewhat of a break from some people.

All that being said, I still think he is a vampire. 100 years from now, when we are all good and gone, no one will remember this. However, Pharrell will still be here in all his vampire glory!

pharrell vampire

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  • Allan Folsom

    Technically those are like military decorations to Native people. You have to earn them. Basically its a case of stolen valor

    • I get that, but I’ve seen many artists, and civilians wearing military get ups. Personally I’m not a fan of a hippy wearing a dress blue top as a fashion statement, but I won’t go crazy over it. I guess I understand what they are saying, but keep in mind, this guy claims he’s part Native American too.