PhD Student Tackled By Police For Stealing His Own Car

So while this young man, Lawrence Crosby, was entering his own vehicle, some overzealous citizen thinks he was stealing it and calls the cops. The cops arrive, hands on guns, demanding he gets out of the vehicle, his hands are up, and then they proceed to tackle him, punch the crap out of him, and tell him to stop resisting. Does this seem like an excessive way to approach someone whom you were “told” may be stealing a car?

The woman who calls then freaks out and starts to say, “I didn’t mean to racially profile or nothing,” to which the cop replies, “Calm down, he’s got another problem now.” Really? The dude cooperated with you, hands up, replies sir, and you guys bum rush him and start yelling don’t resist.

Let me explain something to you dumb freaks, if you are going to the ground, it is your natural instinct to protect your face, etc. If someone begins to punch you in the ribs, or where ever, it freaking hurts, and it is instinct to try and protect the area being hit.

So if you freaks start pounding on him, and he tries to cover that area being hit, or he grabs it because it hurts, he is not resisting. How stupid are these cops? Maybe if you are not beating the crap out of him, needlessly, he could better comply with orders? Running up on someone, in this day and age, the way they did would put anyone on edge. Thank goodness none of those jerks shot this innocent man.

Law enforcement has a tough job, but these motherfreakers, these freaking guys, they make it really hard for the good guys, and they make it really hard for the citizenry.

I hope that this PhD students sues the freak out of this department. I hope he sues the cops personally as well. It won’t hurt them if the department covers it, we want them held personally responsible for their actions. In addition, all of them in that little gang bang should lose their jobs.

You don’t like it? Well, train them better and stop beating the crap out of innocent people. I’ve had it with these freakers, and I’m tired of playing nice with words and holding back. This is bullcrap.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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