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Going to this place is like going to any other Vietnamese place in Flushing or Jackson Heights. I think that someone basically created a formula for American Vietnamese food, disseminated it to a bunch of Chinese folks, and the many Pho Bang variations thereof are the end result.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the food is pretty much consistent across the board. I think that Pho Bangs are like the McDonald’s of Vietnamese food. I mean, honestly, there really is nothing different that I can say about this place that I haven’t already said about Vietnamese restaurants in Flushing.

I’ll sum it up.

The food was okay, there isn’t any one item that stands out, neither in a good way, or a bad way. It’s all just okay. The pork chops over white rice, were like every single other pork chop over white rice dish I have ever had. The same can be said for the summer roll. It was okay.

The service? Again, keeping in line with my past experiences, these guys were pretty much indifferent to my existence. They pass by, take your order, and keep it moving. They were neither nice, nor rude, just doing what they have to do without any fan fare. I did notice a boss asking one of the workers to clean up a spill, so at least they are trying to keep the place neat and clean. And like I said, they weren’t mean, I’ve been to some Vietnamese spots where me and my wife refer to them as “the mean spot.”

Hungry? In the area? Well, go for it. You will leave satisfied. You won’t be jubilant about the experience, or the food, but it’s just good enough.

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