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Pit Bull specific Legislature.


Pit Bull specific Legislature.

I was watching a documentary on Pit Bulls on Netflix, “Beyond the Myth”.  Watching this documentary was mind blowing to me, the things that states like Denver, Miami, and even San Francisco (one of the most Liberal states in the facking country) were getting away with under plain vision.  Taking away people’s dogs, killing them, simply based on some misguided idea that the breed is dangerous.  This is absolutely sickening to me, and I can’t believe it’s happening in today’s day and age.

These states have downright banned the dog breed. They have enacted legislature specifically against the breed! If you have a dog that is a Pit mix, these guys can come and take your dog away. Your options are move out of the county or allow the dog to be put down. Pretty much those are your options in a nutshell.  It’s crazy. What’s more crazy is that these people can actually get away with it!  I agree that if a dog (any breed) is dangerous, steps need to be taken to protect the public.

Statistics show that more people are bitten by small yapper dogs, or even Labs than by pit bulls. However the mass media sensationalizes pit bull attacks while down playing other types of attacks. Take a look at the following news headlines:

dog attack


Man hospitalized after brutal dog attack. No mention of the breed or type of dog is there? Well, it was Rotties and a Presa Canario.


dog attack 2


Woman details “Pit bull” attack. Here we do have a breed mentioned. Interesting.

dog attack 3


Hey… No breed mentioned here. 3 kids attacked, but who was it? I’ll tell ya, LABRADOR motherfackers!!!!!

dog attack 4


And here we once again have the breed mentioned in the article heading. So very interesting indeed. Biased much?

See what I’m getting at? If you search, article upon article, unless it’s a pit bull, more often than not you will either not hear the story, and if you do the breed is seldom mentioned in the title. Not the case when it comes to pit bulls.  This is highly unfair to the dogs, and punishing the entire breed because of the actions of one dog, (really the bad owners fault) is completely unfair and not right.

If you have time, watch the documentary, it’s very touching and seeks to bring awareness to a very serious problem, killing good dogs. We can’t stand for that! Reach out to your council men and women and demand that they stop this at once!



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