Planet Fitness must be run by liberals!

Our society has been so warped by our current government and the status quo, that doing the right thing, is wrong. There was a time when going to the gym, making progress, and getting in shape was something to be proud of. I mean the whole idea behind going to the gym is getting in shape. Right? Well, not according to Planet Fitness.

In California, Tifanny Austin, who was injured in a car accident was taking her first steps towards getting back in shape. However, she made the mistake of becoming a member of “Planet Fitness,” a gym membership that she promptly canceled and demanded a refund for after being harassed by the ridiculous staff at this cesspool of low self-esteem bottom feeders.

You see, unlike an actual gym promoting exercise and health, Planet Fitness wants people who are ashamed of their bodies. Just like our Democrat leaders, this gym wants to keep you down and dependent on them. They don’t want people to actually lose weight. They don’t want you to gain muscle and become fit. They want you to hide your body and be ashamed of yourself. These fools encourage the members to complain if they feel intimidated by another person at the gym who is fit. This is something that they have had the “creativity” to dub “gymtimidation.”

Can you see the correlation between this gym and our leaders of today? Don’t get a job, because it’s more affordable and beneficial to simply get on the welfare rolls. Don’t get an education, just vote for us, and we’ll take care of you. Don’t get in shape, we’ll make anyone who is in shape cover their bodies. Just keep coming here and we’ll reprimand anyone who is training too hard. We’ll make sure everyone here is a lazy turd, just like you! Don’t worry friends, this is a judgment-free zone (unless you’re actually improving!). We even hand out trophies for anyone who wakes up in the morning.

This gym should be renamed from “Planet Fitness” to “Planet Insane Liberal Hypocrite Thieves.” Planet Fitness should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to keep us from getting healthy and selling this bull crap propaganda about “judgment-free zones.”

I have a message for Planet Fitness and any of the cowards who feel “gymtimidated.” I don’t go to your gym, but I’m getting fit and though you can try to hide from the real world in there, the real world is still here, and will be waiting for you when you come back out! Cover that up? Man the hell up, and while you’re at it, stop being so damn BOSSY!

See what I did there? Yeah, I went there.

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