Playing Olaf’s Frozen Adventure before Coco is racist?

The last few days I’ve noticed some of my Latino brothers and sisters on social media complaining that Olaf’s frozen adventure played before the film Coco. What exactly are they possibly be complaining about? Well, let me tell you, and you can decide whether or not you agree!

Some individuals took exception with this “white” snowman and all the white folks that were in this trailer. According to one individual, “We came to see and were expecting a film about our brown characters. I was expecting to see beautiful brown faces, yet I’m still forced to sit through all these white faces first?”

Never mind that this is the winter season, and Christmas is right around the corner, this is all about racism! Seriously folks, there comes a point when things just get ridiculous. Olaf is a kid’s movie, a movie which connects to another popular film that many children loved, and it was played as an intro during a new kid’s movie, during the winter, when it snows, and he’s a snowman.

Could it not have been the complete opposite? Perhaps these people knew that many of us would be going to see this film, and they snuck in this preview a way to promote it to this amazing Latino audience? Maybe? I don’t know? Yet somehow, some of us are making it a negative race thing.

Racism is real, I post about it on all my social media channels all of the time. I’ve been called a Spic, and on and on it goes. However, when we complain about a snowman, and white characters in Norway, I think we really do our cause an injustice. Speak up about racism, but understand, it’s not always racism!

Addendum: Since I wrote this piece, I’ve received some comments about why it was perceived the way it was, and believe me, I get it. I understand that it is within the realm of possibility that some sort of negative thought process (including racism) lead to this long ass preview being played. I’m not entirely convinced that this was reason, but I won’t say that it is an impossibility. We all know it’s very possible, and it is quite the coincidence. I get it. I guess my main point in all of this is that we have real problems to worry about, and though this may have been a slight on our people, maybe it wasn’t?

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez


  1. The problem is that studio execs wrongly thought that Coco wouldn’t be strong enough to entice audiences so they put a long frozen short first, the longest short ever shown before a Pixar movie. It’s sad that they think that a movie about Hispanic characters couldn’t stand on its own so they forced Frozen in front of it, sending a message that Hispanic stories aren’t good enough of a draw. And they were dead wrong, Coco is outperforming their wildest dreams.

    • Do you really think that was their motivation? I’m glad the film is doing well, it is much deserved! But I’m not sure that was a racial thing? I’m open to discussion on it, but I’m just not entirely convinced. If that’s the reason, then that’s not cool at all. But I hope it wasn’t the intention. Maybe as aware as I think I am, I’m just naive to a degree? I don’t know?

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