“Help Points” in the subway!

Some NYC train stations are starting to sport these cool little “help points” at the train stations. For those of you familiar with the F line Delancey station, you are aware that there is a space that seems kind of isolated towards the front of the uptown side of the station. This presents an issue for those responsible for train safety. I wrote an article sometime ago about an experience with threat assessment about this very train station!
help point nyc subway
I’ve always come back to this area, I’m pretty aware of my surroundings and don’t make an easy victim. That being said, I recognize the risks that being so isolated down there poses. It’s sort of like a blind spot in this very large subway station. Even if there are hidden, or even visible cameras, back here, you are pretty much on your own. The help point presents a nice deterrent for would be criminals, and an option for someone that may simply need help way back here.
Good on the MTA! Have you seen any of these yet?

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