Posting Your Workouts Makes You A Narcissist?

Apparently, posting your workouts makes you a narcissist.

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This is according to an article on business insider. They did some research and their studies say that people who post their workout accomplishments are looking for acceptance and bragging to their Facebook community.

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Well, hell, you can say that about pretty much anything on Facebook! You posted about that great trip you went on? You are a narcissist.


You posted a picture with your beautiful wife? You are a narcissist.


You posted a picture of your kid? You are a narcissist, who is breeding the next generation of narcissists. You get the point.


I happen to agree with this assessment, chronic over sharers are attention seekers. I’m openly one of those, I mean, why else would I make videos of ME talking all the time if I didn’t want the attention?

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Maybe I have all sorts of inadequacies, and deep rooted self esteem issues? This is probably quite likely true. But hey, I’m okay with that, this is who I am. You are probably just like me, except that I openly admit it, and most people won’t.

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My question for these people at business insider is, why single out the community that is working out and doing positive things? Posting your workout progress may be a narcissistic thing to do, but at least it’s a positive thing, and can possibly inspire others! I know that my progress at the gym has inspired many! So I’m totally cool with being called a narcissist because of it. Worship me now.

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By the way, I totally loaded this post with pictures of me on purpose. I think you get the picture!

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