Predator Cat Takes Down Small Child

I’ve heard it said that cats are evil. I don’t know if this is inherently true, but for a long time during my youth, I was terrified of cats. My aunt had a lot of cats, and I loved her, and visiting her, but I feared all her damn cats.

One day I was sleeping on the couch, and when I opened my eyes, one of her cats was perched on top of me. I froze with fear and tried not to move. I never forgot that night.

If you have a tv, you have no doubt at some point or another come across a big cat taking down it’s prey. They pretty much all do it the same way. Stalk, jump, latch on to the neck, and squeeze until the prey is dead. Then they proceed to eat it.


This is exactly what this cute little cat did to this small child. I can’t help but wonder, was this cat legit trying to prey on and take down this kid? It looks like that to me, what do you think?