Preference In Dating

This has been a topic that has come up many times over the years. Some people take it very seriously, and go to great lengths to explain how your preference in women or men could be somehow tied to some sort of racist or oppressive desire.

This is one of those things were I simply say, “freak it.” Basically, I am attracted to what I am attracted to, and I don’t give a damn who approves. I’m very liberal when it comes to attraction. I have always stood up for LBGT rights, you love what you love, you like what you like, you are attracted to what you are attracted to. We are wired how we are wired.

I can appreciate, and have dated women from all ethnic makeups, and physical dimensions. However, I tend to have a preference. And frankly, so does everybody else. In today’s politically correct world, there will always be someone out there who is ready to tell you the history as to why you prefer a specific type of woman, or body type, etc.

Well, I’ve heard many theories around my attractions, and those are bullcrap. It’s like I said, you are attracted to what you are attracted to. If people don’t like that, then that’s not our problem. You have a problem with who I married? Tough crap.

I’ve had people tell me that I am subscribing to some oppressive culture due to my attractions. That I am following historical views of submissiveness and so on. And hey, I’m not saying that this is not the case with some individuals, and that there isn’t truth to it when it comes to some people, but for me, that’s not the case. I didn’t study or know none of that history, I ain’t never seen no show where I was led to be attracted to any one group. Again, this is my personal experience and I’m not discrediting the fact that this may be true for some or even most people.

That’s not my concern though, as long as they are both willing adults, they can do whatever the hell they want. But for me, I believe that this started with my dentist while she performed oral surgery and tortured the freak out of me. Granted, there may be some way to tie the trauma to comfort, etc, but again, I don’t give a damn about that. I like what I like. Not you, and not anyone can tell me otherwise.

I was once told that I should have married a blond, blue eyed woman so that I can make beautiful, blond, blue eyed children. This came from a very old, rather ignorant person back when I was younger. People expected us to “match” with who we dated. They were supposed to look like us, and “match” with us. I know, it’s a sad old timer way of thinking, and I don’t agree. Mind you, I have nothing against blonde, blue eyed women, I’ve dated a few of those lovely ladies. It’s the person’s “matching” mindset that I’m ragging on. It’s like Bill Burr says, some people live way too long, and they don’t keep up with the world around them.

Anyway, without getting too much deeper into this, love who you want to love, and don’t worry about what people say. Basically, they are not living your life, so freak them and their views.

*This does not apply to pedophiles! Note I said willing ADULTS. If you are a child molester, keep your hands to yourself. You might have a mental illness, and I get that. But don’t act on it. In the case that you do, I reserve the right to beat your ass for acting out on those desires.*

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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