Prison inmates in California are on a hunger strike?

According to reports, some 900+ inmates are still on a hunger strike in California prisons protesting “Solitary confinement”. Those of you familiar with how prison works will know that “solitary confinement” is where prisoners are sent when they cannot peacefully or lawfully interact within the “General Population”.  Prison isn’t a vacation, it’s a punishment for committing crimes! While serving time for their crimes, if they cannot follow the house rules of the prison, then they will be further punished within the prison. That’s the way it goes.

You don’t like solitary confinement, then stop breaking the rules, it’s as simple as that. Obey the rules of the prison, serve your time quietly, and get out. If you deal drugs, carry contraband, gang bang, rape, or break whatever other rules they have in place, then you have to pay the consequences. What is going on with this society where people think that they can break the law and starve themselves out of consequences? More importantly have these people forgotten that they are in prison? This isn’t the Sheraton where you can complain about your room service. It’s freaking prison! What the hell is going on here?

So prison officials are meeting with “advocates” of the striking prisoners, oh my. I’d simply tell them, “IF THESE MEN AND WOMEN CANNOT FOLLOW THE RULES, THEY CAN STARVE.” Are we supposed to let them do whatever they want because if we don’t they will starve themselves? Get outta here! Starve! The tax payers save money on food, and if you kill yourself by starving we save money and get a cell back.  Do you know the state is under court order to release some 10,000 inmates early because of overcrowding? We need the space, this is mother nature at her best.

Look, I know I may sound cruel, but if criminals are going to prison, committing crimes in prison, and then starving themselves to get out of their punishments, well, in my opinion, good luck to you. I hope you have some fatty deposits because I wouldn’t change the rules for you. This is the equivalent of a child throwing a tantrum and not talking to you because they are punished for breaking the rules. I find it ridiculous, and I find it even more ridiculous that the prison officials are humoring them by meeting with some “advocates” of the strike.

You don’t wanna eat? Good luck to ya pal. Follow the rules and then you can say goodbye to solitary confinement.
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