School trouble for “I enjoy Vagina” T-shirt?

Brianna De Mato, a fifteen year old high school student walked out of a class in Newtown High School, Elmhurst because she was asked by a teacher to change her shirt. She wore a shirt that used a style similar to coca cola, but instead said “I enjoy Vagina”. Her mother has made the humorous claim that her daughter was being discriminated against. This mother reminds me of a person on facebook I recently blocked because of her extreme views. I hope this mom and daughter duo enjoy their 2 minutes of shame, I mean fame.

Look people, I don’t care how open you are, or claim to be, it is a school! I support your rights to wear whatever you want, but this is a place of learning, a school, not some place where you go to be vulgar and talk about your damn vagina!  Not to mention that she is 15 years old, for crying out loud man!

Mind you that some months ago we wrote about a Principal that wouldn’t allow her kids to sing a patriotic song, yet you have these same people that probably fought the song wearing shirts that say “vagina” on them? I’m so sick of the double standards from people, it’s school for crying out loud!

At another school, Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond there was a teacher that threatened to assault a student because she wore a support Mitt Romney shirt. One female student decided that she would show her support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by wearing a Romney t-shirt, and a teacher in Philly wasn’t happy about that. He said (among other things including threatening to write on her shirt) “We are a democratic school”, claiming democracy, while telling the student that she can’t support the opposing candidate? Do you see the irony there? That teacher should be fired. He also stated that wearing the shirt was like supporting the KKK. SAY WHAT???? Dude, get a grip!

Some people are ridiculous and never cease to amaze me with their actions.

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