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Product Review: Dirt Devil Simpli Stik 3 in 1 Vacuum


Product Review: Dirt Devil Simpli Stik 3 in 1 Vacuum


I’m sure you are all familiar with the term “you get what you pay for”. Well, there is no better way to begin today’s product review than to say, you get what you pay for. In today’s market when it comes to vacuum cleaners, $30 doesn’t get you too much. That’s how I feel about this dirt devil.

To say that this item sucks would be a compliment, because frankly that would mean that it actually does it’s job. Which in fact is not the case. This thing does the opposite of suck in terms of it’s purpose. The suction power on the item is terrible, it feels flimsy and unstable in your hands, and falls apart from time to time. Simply a piece of crap vacuum cleaner.

The foreman at our establishment, aka the boss, my wife did not like my old vacuum cleaner, she said it was too big (that’s what she said) so we got rid of it. I gave it to someone, I think one of my doormen. In any case my friend recommended that I get this item, he insisted that it was great and I must get it. Wow, with that kind of endorsement then I have to get one.

No. No. No. Big mistake. I should have taken $30 and simply handed it over to him, or better yet burned it right on the spot. This is definitely a cheapy vacuum cleaner, and unless you have a tiny space, with a tiny rug, then I wouldn’t recommend this thing. And even under those circumstances I think you could spend those $30 elsewhere and get more bang for your buck.

As I vacuum with this piece of junk, over and over on the very same spot in futile hopes that it may pick up that bit of crap on my rug, I miss my old powerful, more expensive dirt devil. I’m sorry I let you go so easily my love, you were irreplaceable.



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