How to protect our kids at school

Look here my friends, in the United States of America, without a bloody, deadly, civil war taking place, guns ain’t going nowhere. Gun grabbers need to understand that. Once that is understood, we can move on to the next stage of planning on how to protect our kids.

Let’s look at things as they are, with Obama in the presidency, things didn’t change. Do you think that they are going to change during a Trump presidency? Give me a damn break. It ain’t gonna happen, okay?

So now what? How do we protect our kids?

Well, in my opinion, a very important step is to arm those individuals who have been tasked with protecting our kids. Yeah, I know, most of you are going to oppose me on this, but what the hell good is a security guard without a weapon? What and how can they guard? This ain’t to say that giving these guys firearms will stop a mass shooter, but it’s a hell of a deterrent, and it gives these people a fighting chance. Obviously having them unarmed does nothing for securing the school, and all we end up with are memes of dead brave men and women shielding the kids from a hail of bullets.

Another option that I would implement is to allow teachers to carry concealed firearms. No one would know who is carrying, and there would be some heavy screening before allowing this to happen. Same would be the case for the security guards, but having more armed folks at the school would be an added deterrent and provide even more security for our kids.

I know, the anti gun people are going to say, “How can you propose putting people with guns in the school?” Well, think about it, I already told you before, you are not going to get the guns out of this country anytime soon. So you must use the tool that you hate, (which police and military already have and use to protect us) to protect our kids. Aaron Feis lost his life shielding children, wouldn’t you rather have read that Aaron stopped the shooter dead in his tracks?

I know you don’t like guns, but this isn’t about your feelings or what you like. This is about an effective way to stop these damn shooters from killing our kids. Once you understand that the guns ain’t going anywhere, the only logical solution is using those same guns to save lives. Meanwhile, in parallel, we can continue pushing the useless politicians on some form of reasonable gun reform that helps the nation. But until then, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. Like it or not, this is our reality.

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