Publishing the addresses of gun owners?

I’ve tried to lay off of the gun discussion, but this, this is crazy! How is this smart? Someone please, please, please, tell me what in blazes these people are thinking? Let’s look at the potential problems here:

1) Thieves can break into your home, steal your weapons, and now you have stolen guns in the street.

2) You are informing would be thieves about who DOESN’T have weapons in their home and creating potential victims.

3) You are attacking their second amendment rights.

What do these people think they are going to achieve by doing this? Hello?? These people have guns. You know what my response would be? “Hey, come on over, trespass on my property, enter my home without my permission. Sure, why don’t you go ahead and start messing with gun owners, let me know how that works out for you.” Idiots.

Why is it ok to publish this? If you target anyone group of people and start exposing their personal information, what’s to protect others? Where is the line drawn?  I have the addresses of the people that published these addresses, I have their home and their work addresses, but guess what? Unlike them, I’m not a scumbag and I won’t publish it here. For now. But I have it, and I can spread it and share it too. It’s public information, why not?

Moving right along, never mind the fact that being a registered gun owner means that you are a law abiding citizen. The fact that they have their guns registered doesn’t make them a criminal, it makes them LAW ABIDING CITIZENS! So what is the aim of these people sharing out personal information? To intimidate? To create hostility? Sure, pick the gun owners. Stupid. How about this site focus on tracking down criminals that have been caught with gun offenses, or maybe child rapists, or may killers? Why not focus on them instead of law abiding citizens?

You are attempting to punish people for exercising their constitutional rights as if they have done something wrong. That’s unfair, irresponsible, and absolutely ridiculous.

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