Queens man kidnapped?

People often say that I am paranoid. They make that statement because I often talk about self defense, weapons, constant awareness, and combat readiness. I watch my back, and I’m always cautious when walking the city streets. These people believe that we live in a place where bad things can happen, but they’ll never happen to them. Having grown up where I did, and having lived through the things that I have seen, I know better.

The proof is in the pudding folks! A grown man was recently kidnapped in Queens and held captive for over a month! During his month long captivity at a Queens warehouse, he was tortured and constantly threatened by his captors.  His mother in Ecuador received a phone call requesting a 3 million dollar ransom. We all know that there are regions of the world where these types of occurrences are commonplace, and we can also understand how this can happen to really wealthy people. But here in NYC, to a seemingly average Joe? 3 million dollar ransom? I tell you this, if it was me, I’d be screwed.

According to the reports neither the victim or any member of his family is especially wealthy. They are not “poor” per se, but certainly not a Bill Gates. As of this point in time, I am not aware as to why he was chosen for the kidnapping. With several suspects in custody perhaps these questions will be answered soon.

Please be careful out there and take good care of yourselves. For more on this story visit ABC News.

(Photo from www.nydailynews.com)

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