Queer as Folk Reunion

Years ago, I was dating this girl and she used to watch this show called, “Queer as folk.” I recall thinking why the hell is she watching this gay themed soap opera for?

I was busting her chops for watching a soap opera, meanwhile anyone who really knows me would know that I used to watch “Los Hermanos Heroes,” “Crystal,” “Marielena,” and many other Spanish soap operas. Those things were amazing! But y’all know, I had to be play the role.

So I’m not sure when or how, but one day I just sat with her and watched a bit of the show. I asked her what show that was as I found it pretty entertaining. She told me, “Dude, this is the ‘Queer as folk’ show that you didn’t want to watch!” I said, oh word? Then I became a fan.

I can’t remember the names of the characters as it’s been well over a decade or so since I last watched any of it, but I really enjoyed the story. They explored and presented so many aspects of gay life. From love, to sex, to violence and abuse, it was really something. It could be funny, infuriating, entertaining, hot, educational and all other manner of things all at once. I really liked the show.

Today I saw something about a “Queer as folk” reunion, and I actually remembered meeting one of the guys from the show at 50th and 6th during my lunch break. I wish I had a pic, but I don’t. He was very cool and down to earth, he played Ben in the show, and his real name is Robert Gant. He was wearing a jacket similar to this. LOL.

In any case, seeing the reunion news brought back memories of the show and that period of my life for me. I think that this show was way ahead of its time and it did a great job of exposing those of us who knew many gay people to the more real aspects of the everyday gay experience. Though it was a tv show, and surely it had some exaggerations in it, Queer as folk really gave me some insight into a topic I knew only casually.

If you haven’t seen it, maybe you should take some time and stream it! Here is a clip from Entertainment Weekly’s website.

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