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Quick note on Michael Brown’s “thug” pictures

Growing Up Bronx

Quick note on Michael Brown’s “thug” pictures

I have to come out and state that I don’t agree with judging Michael Brown based on a fewpictures. We have all taken pictures that can make us look like “thugs.” I think we should wait for some concrete facts to come out before forming an opinion. Just because he put up a middle finger in a picture, doesn’t justify shooting him dead. In this picture below, I am with some of my homeboys from the Bronx.

Angel Rodriguez Arodomus

Yet here I am, a contributor to the site, and far from a criminal. Though SOME of my past pictures could be used to paint a bad picture of me, I’m not a bad guy. I’m not taking sides on this one, either way, but I do have to call out our side for vilifying this young man based off of some pictures. “Gangsta” pictures don’t justify his death. Following you’ll see a picture where I’m flipping the bird. I could post more, but you get the point.  As always ladies and gentleman, you can count on me to keep it real with you. We all take silly pictures, we all flip the bird, but that doesn’t justify a shooting.




Growing Up Bronx

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