How To Handle Racial Profiling?

I commented on this video asking the original poster a question, a genuine question. I get that he was pissed off after a crappy day, and I understand that he has the right to not cooperate when asked to I.D.

But, I had to ask, wouldn’t it have been simpler if he just kept it cool, rather than confrontational? In life, I find that when we are cool, and talk to people in a calm manner, no matter the situation, it often works out better for us. Be it at a store getting a refund, buying a protein shake, speaking with a customer service rep, and so on. I’m wondering, had he just been cool, if this cop would have even given him a ride to where he needed to be? I’m just wondering, speculating is all. I’m not saying he was right or wrong, but I’d like you to consider my viewpoint.

I don’t know this man, or his life experience, but I’m just curious what y’all think about that? He was hostile, and challenging right from the start. Whether or not he’s legally entitled to be difficult is not the question, or point I’m trying to make. Nor am I looking to start a debate about good cops, bad cops, racism, etc. There is plenty of that already, all I need to do is scroll down my Twitter or Facebook feed to find it. I am very aware of racism, and trust me, I’ve seen some nasty stuff. I know that some cops are terrible, while some are not.

I’m talking about this specific situation here, do you guys think that had he reacted differently, it maybe could have gone down differently?

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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