Racist Trump Supporter On Subway

Sometime ago, a young, male friend of mine was angry because someone called him the “N” word on the subway, and no one stood up for him. I asked him, what did he expect to happen?

From my point of view, he’s a man, and fully capable of defending himself. If he didn’t see fit to go at the person, because he needed to handle his business, why should any of the observers take on his fight? I still stand by that viewpoint.

Then you come across a situation like this one. This is a woman, and she is being verbally assaulted by a racist man. My views on this one are different. You see, whether or not you call it a double standard, I don’t believe that an able bodied man requires my assistance in that situation. This guy was no punk, and perfectly capable of handling his business. He chose not to because he had other things to do. That’s cool, but so do we. Fair? Fair.

On the other hand, here we have a woman, and though she may be physically larger than this tiny little man, she is still a female. I don’t have tolerance for men who abuse women, it really pisses me off. Had I been present in this situation, I would have stepped up and gotten in between them. For those of you who may be doubting me, then you don’t know me very well. This wouldn’t be the first, or the last time that I stand up for a woman.

My only concern here, is that this little man may have been mentally disturbed. I wouldn’t want to be seen as a bully for picking on someone who is not mentally right. His behavior here seems like that of someone who is not all there. Stomping his foot like a child, waving the middle finger, dude is behaving like a toddler.

Even so, I’d have to check him. I’m disappointed in all of the men who are in that train ignoring this. I have ignored many fights and arguments on the train, but I have never walked away from one where there woman was the target of a man’s aggression. Shame on these cowards for letting this jerk do this to her, and doing nothing to help.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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