Ramen.Co By Keizo Shimamoto

Today as I worked with one of my colleagues, I noticed that he had a menu on his desk. I examined it, and the restaurant caught my attention. Ramen burger? Uhm, ok. Whatever yo, that’s weird. Hahah.

So today I felt like eating chipotle. On my walk over there, I noticed this restaurant, I realized that it was the same one from the menu. However, I continued to walk; I want chipotle. But then I turned back and made my way in. It was around 11:30am, and the restaurant was still quiet.

I decided to try the Ramen Burger, because you know, its a ramen burger. I handed my NYCTalking card to the young ladies working the register. One of them humorously said, “You will give us a good review right.” To which I replied, I will give a fair review, so long as you guys don’t make me sick; you’ll be fine! Hahah. Side note, totally unrelated, and probably inappropriate, her look was amazing. She has the type of eyes that tug at the strings of your deepest innermost feelings. Wait, what? Stop it Angel, stop it!

Okay, no poetry today. So the burger is actually put on two ramen buns. I mean, actual, ramen buns. It comes with some chips, and you have the choice of putting bacon and or cheese on it. I only did cheese, but I wish I did the bacon as well to get the full feeling of it.

So what is my verdict? Satisfied, the meal was delightful.

ramen.co burger

The burger – $8

Original – Ramen bun, Certified Angus Beef Patty, Arugula, secret shoyu sauce, scallions (Bacon, Cheese optional)

The burger was delicious. You can tell that they use high-quality beef, it tastes really good. The burger was a bit messy, but I have come to accept that burgers are just messy. The ramen bun works; it’s solid and doesn’t fall apart. I’m not sure how they make it stick together like that, but it works. I wish there was just a bit more meat, but so far I’m still feeling satisfied.

The chips

The chips were nice and crunchy. Sometimes when you get chips, they are soggy, or greasy, but these were not. They were nice and crunchy. The only thing, I’d like it if they were a little less salty, or maybe an option for pepper, spices, or something other than salt. I have high blood pressure, and salt is not good for me. That being said though, I ate them all anyway, they were appetizing.

This is a fast-food place, but this is not your typical fast food. It is delicious, real meat, and you do have to wait a few minutes after placing your order for it to be called out. I recommend giving them a try, and I will be coming back to try their other dishes. Give the burger a try, and make sure you get that bacon and cheese for the full experience!

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Ramen.Co By Keizo Shimamoto http://t.co/WQcbSxu9hp

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