Rancho Tequileria

This day was one of the colder days this year, and it also happened to be a very busy day in the city restaurants. We had picked a place, and when we arrived, it was packed and out of control, so we moved on.

My sister loves Mexican food, so decided to try this spot, one, to get out of the cold, and two because they had openings.

First, take notice, ask for your complimentary chips and salsa. They probably won’t mention it or give them to you by default.

The tacos were alright. This seems to be a common thing lately, “alright.” I guess I’m too spoiled by having eaten at so many amazing places over the years.

The fish was also not mind blowing. Sorry y’all, just keeping it real.

Probably one of the better items. Although, my wife ordered garlic shrimp, and they sent out fradiablo shrimp or whatever. It was spicy. But everyone was getting hangry, my wife included so she kept it.

Momma bear wasn’t too crazy about her dish. I tried it and wasn’t mind blown either. I don’t remember the name of this dish.

Finally, let’s close out with my mom and her cool hat. I made fun of her a bit, but it was cause she looked too cute. Hehe.

The service here was okay, the server was friendly and joked around with us a bit. They did bust on the hostess who sat us because our entire party wasn’t there yet. They did it in Spanish, but I speak the language. I get that, most restaurants do it that way, but have that conversation in private yo! Would I return here, not likely. There are far too many places in NYC to settle for something that was just “alright.”

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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