Proof that Cosby raped women?

Ladies and gentlemen, unless you have been living under a rock you have been to some degree exposed to the Bill Cosby rape accusations. You know, for the last year, I’ve been meaning to write an article on Bill Cosby, the content would have been about his views on politics and minorities. However, he appeared to lose a lot of credibility once these rape allegations began to come out. Thus I felt he no longer deserved praise from my camp.

Until now, I have not covered this topic at all. I found it too coincidental, and I felt that I needed to wait for more details before engaging. However, recently while listening to the most unlikely of sources, that being the Howard Stern show, I discovered some information that I thought would be very useful and is quite telling. Is this proof that Cosby raped women?

Howard Stern has had many guests over the years. One of those guests was one of Cosby accusers, Janice Dickinson. Way back into 2006, Janice made statements about Cosby, she said that she was not allowed to talk about Cosby in her book because the publisher was frightened of lawsuits. She stated that she was afraid to take on Cosby because she didn’t have the guts that Howard Stern and others may have. However, she stated that Cosby was not a good man, that he took advantage of women in rehab and the sort.

The kicker in these allegations is that this happened in 2006, way back then. So one can conclude that this was not part of some conspiracy that is just coming to light today. She made this statement nearly a decade ago, but she was afraid to come forward.

I am not saying that this makes the story true, but I am saying that it certainly does lend some credibility to her statements. This isn’t the first time she came out with the story, and it does fit with what she is saying now. Below is the clip of Howard Stern and Janice Dickinson talking about Bill Cosby, you’ll hear everything that I just stated, and you can make your own decisions.

Again, I am not saying that Bill Cosby is guilty of what he is being accused of, I am saying that this having happened so long ago does make you wonder about whether or not it is true. The fact that so many people are coming forward makes you wonder if this is real. If it is true, I think Cosby should be fed to the wolves because these are terrible things that he is accused of doing.

What do you think about this new information?

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