Republican Hillary Clinton Still Ahead

Even though the people appear to have spoken, the delegates and super delegates continue to defy their will. Republican Hillary Clinton is still the “front runner” as far as everyone appears to be concerned.

Even so, Bernie Sanders is still in the race. Outnumbered by 4 Republicans, Clinton, Kasich, Cruz, and Trump, he still hasn’t given up, and we expect him to go all the way with this!

Win or lose, Bernie Sanders, along with Donald Trump have both illustrated that what the establishment wants, the establishment gets. I mean, I knew this all along, but it’s nice that many others are now learning it. This is evident by the way the non-closet Republicans are tearing at each other over Trump and Cruz. Their unity crumbled as easily as a house of cards!

Meanwhile, alleged Democrats continue to foolishly support the undercover Wall Street loving, down-low Republican, Hillary Clinton. Establishment gets what establishment wants, right?

This whole election is just pathetic and stinks to high heaven!

Bernie Sanders

hillary clinton