Republicans Are Losing Their Religion > Trump Vs. Cruz.

This post has nothing to do with religion really, I just thought the title was catchy. Although, religion will slightly factor into the post.

Check this out people, Ted Cruz is as Conservative as they come. This man is far more Conservative, and in my opinion, when it comes to policy at least, far more dangerous than Trump. His views are formed from his loyalty to the constitution, and his Christian beliefs. His views have been consistently far right, so much so that even his own party didn’t like him at times. However, when it comes to right wing, he’s “right” there. (See what I just did?)

Donald Trump on the other hand has been known to hang out with Hillary Clinton, and was never considered a real candidate for the presidency. That is until he began to tap into the underbelly of America. He began to appeal to the racists and bigots, to attack minorities and everyone under the sun. Then all of a sudden, many on the right began to experience a raging hard-on for the guy, and what do you know? He’s the front runner.

Individuals who I know and respect have sided with Trump over Cruz. This is something that I find terribly bizarre, because they really should know that Trump is simply talking a lot of nonsense. I don’t consider him as dangerous as Cruz when it comes to policy, but I consider some of his zealot followers to be more reckless and dangerous, and Trump, in his stupidity and desire to be more popular, rides the wave without really thinking about what he’s creating.

Trump is like that kid in the yard who talks a whole lot of crap, and amps everyone up, and then one day when its really time to perform, he’s gonna run like a little boy and hide behind his “posse.” Remember that type of kid? The kid himself is not the dangerous one, the posse and their loyalty to that fool are.

Ted Cruz on the other hand, is the one who is actually ready to stand his ground, and hold his position regardless of what happens to him. He doesn’t care how many people he’s got down with him, or if the other kid has a posse. He really believes that he has God behind him, and that he is doing the right thing. That’s the more dangerous person if you ask me.

I’m extremely surprised at how the GOP is ripping itself apart over the Trump and Cruz debacle. You would think that true Conservatives would stand behind a guy who really represents their right wing views. But, I guess the prospect of going all out on minorities, and “Making America Great Again” is just too much for them to get over.

It’s comical to me, but hey, what are you gonna do?

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