Response to Mike Vogel on moving to Florida.

Recently I read a semi tongue in cheek article by Mike Vogel about why New Yorkers are moving to Florida. The article was quite simplistic in explaining a point that is far more complex. As a reader I felt slightly offended about some of what I read, but please allow me to elaborate. This is my response to Mike Vogel on New Yorkers moving to Florida. Vogel stated that the reason many people are leaving New York City for Florida is because of the snow. Well, though that may be a factor, I don’t think it’s that simple. If weather were the only reason, then why are they not moving to the Caribbean islands instead? Well, because there is no work in the Caribbean, they are moving to Florida for work! Just in the last year and half, several of my personal friends have relocated to Florida. That’s not even including people that relocated from my current place of employment. I can assure you with most certainty that they didn’t leave their families in New York City, or relocate them as well, because of the cold weather.

We all know that companies are relocating many jobs down to Florida. Jacksonville for instance is one of the main areas where work is being moved to. Many jobs have been outsourced from here, to down there. In some cases workers are offered the opportunity to move with the job, with a slight salary, uhm, “adjustment.” Some take it and some refuse to do so. Then there are the other people that move on their own because of a better opportunity, a chance at a promotion, a new position, and so on. Of course there are some people that are simply out of the job here and make the move because there are more jobs over there now, given the fact that so many companies are making the move. Other individuals, and companies are leaving New York City because of taxes, restrictions that are not conducive to a free market, and of course, the heavy anti-gun mentality from our elected leaders. Look at Sean Hannity for instance. (I didn’t vote for any of the ones that won by the way.)

This brings me to my next point!

Vogel seemed to be quite fond of telling us how we will get shot in Florida. Really? Maybe this guy needs to take a walk through the projects in the Bronx, or through some non-hipster area in Brooklyn. Sure, New York City doesn’t have “stand your ground” laws, and we are not afforded our constitutional right to carry a gun, but who do you think this hurts? Have you ever met a criminal that said “Oh man, we cannot carry a gun here, this is a gun free zone.” Give me a break, bad guys don’t obey the law, the only people hurt by these unconstitutional restrictions are the good guys like you and I, and Vogel even.

Criminals in this city know that we are unarmed, and they play their knockout games, they rob us at will, they perform home invasions, and on and on the list of crimes go. More often than not, during the commission of these crimes, they use illegal guns. These anti-gun laws don’t stop them, they only stop us. The law abiding citizens. Perhaps Vogel is right though. If you move to Florida, AND you are a criminal, yes, there is a greater chance that a good guy will shoot you down. So as an unbiased news outlet, how about the publisher making the statement more accurate? “In Florida, if you are a criminal, you might get shot. Consider yourself warned.”

Unlike New York City, Florida is a free state. That means these guys have grown up with guns, they carry them, and they will use them to defend themselves, their families, and their property. Don’t go to Florida and think that the New York City victim mentality exists over there. Here in New York City we are taught at a very young age to simply give the criminals what they want. You can replace the item, you can get over a rape, but you can’t get your life back if you resist. That’s the mentality here. In Florida they are taught to shoot center mass, shoot to kill, and not get raped, not get robbed, and so on.

What’s the point of this rebuttal? To state that there are bigger reasons people and businesses are leaving New York City. It’s more than just a little bit of snow. Also, moving to Florida doesn’t mean you are going to get shot, that could happen anywhere. Although if you lead a life of crime, then it’s more likely a good guy will fight back and you’ll get shot down there. Remember, that victim mentality applies in New York City, but not everywhere in the United States of America. So yes, consider yourself warned. And for the record, I lost more than one friend to criminal gun violence in NYC, a “gun free zone.”

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6 years ago

Response to Mike Vogel on moving to Florida.