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Tonight we took our buddy out for his birthday. Last time we hit Chef Ramsay’s restaurant, today we wanted to try a new Michelin star restaurant. We decided to try out Jean George’s “Nougatine”.

As a starter they provided us with this shot of corn broth with what seemed to be either corn or popcorn. It was pretty darn good. Next came our appetizer crab cake on a bed of greens with a mayonnaise dressing. This was really good, the crab cake didn’t take fishy at all. On the side we had a green salad that was pretty good as well. The starters were delicious.

As my main dish I had the flounder. It was accompanied by squash, tomatoes, and some other unrecognizable vegetable items. The fish didn’t taste “fishy”, it was good. The accompanying items and flavors were amazing. Really good. I’ll say if not for these items, this would have been an average dish. The fish though it was definitely good, wasn’t mindblowing. It seemed a bit hard and dryish to me, I don’t know. But it tasted great and went down nice, however the sides were definitely the hero on this dish.

My wife had the chicken, it was amazing. Tender chicken, tasty, and overall delicious. My buddy had the steak, and that steak was good. It was soft, perfectly seasoned, and the sauce that accompanied it put it over the top. Yum!


Dessert was a chocolate cake with ice cream, quite delicious and just the right size to satisfy this dieting stomach. My wife had the strawberry shortcake, it was okay but I felt the strawberries were a bit sour. However that could have been because of my very sweet dessert.


Overall this restaurant was pretty good, and a nice place to splurge during a nice occasion or a casual dinner if you have money to burn. For the four of us dinner came out to $320 or so after taxes. At about $80 a head, it’s not a cheap night, but by NYC standards, for a good, 3Michelin star restaurant, it’s a reasonable price.

When I return here, I think I’ll have one of those delicious steaks! Up until today, I had never seen Jean Georges in person, so I didn’t know what he looked like. However I saw a gentleman at the restaurant that looked distinguished, he stood right by our table. I greeted him and he greeted me back. A quick google search and I realized that I was exchanging greetings with the head chef, Jean Georges. Check out this restaurant, it’s worth the cost, TRY THE STEAK!

Happy birthday buddy!

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