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Resto Review: Organika


Resto Review: Organika


After attending the one-man show Little Potato and Hard to Peel, I joined Romio and publicist Suzanne Pinedo at this spot for dinner. The ambiance here is nice, quaint, but it is definitely a small place; it is just a bit tight in there. The bathroom, woh, mad tight yo! Lol.

To start I had this special ginger ale. It was good, green bottle, fancy and supposed to be legit. I had two bottles of the stuff and it was pretty good. As an appetizer, I tried the crab cakes. I’m a huge fan of crab cakes, and these were “ok”, but I was left wanting something from them. I can’t pin it, but something was off. The cakes have this garnish on top of them; this was a nice touch and made then even better.

As my main dish, I went with the mushroom risotto. I had to decide between that and the organic pizza. I went with the risotto because I wanted to try something new. This too was just “ok”, nothing crazy or out of this world stands out about it; it was just “ok”.

The food took quite a good deal of time to come out, the guys I was with were questioning the delay seeing as though the place was not too busy at this late, and we ordered relatively simple dishes. Me, I’m slightly more patient, but I also did notice that it took a very long time for the food to come out.

The young Italian lady who helped us this evening was very nice, and for me, she was the highlight of the restaurant. Friendly service, a nice smile, and a good vibe. I don’t have much more to say about this spot, it was just “ok.” I wouldn’t go out of my way to return because there are so many more places in NYC for me to try. However, I won’t say that I hated it, it was just “ok.”

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