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Review Barnstormer.


This is one of those reviews that I waited to long to write. It wasn’t intentional. It just worked out that way since I have been busy. As such all the food items I ate aren’t as clear in my mind’s eye as I’d like them to be. However, unlike your average, “default choice” restaurants, I do remember that this place was phenomenal!

BBQ Ribs, amazing!

Fried Chicken, amazing!

Mac and cheese, amazing!

Rice, amazing!

Beans, amazing!

Corn bread, amazing!


Everything we ate here was absolutely delicious. Dessert was the only weak point. The selection is pretty sad, so we passed on the dessert. However, who cares, by the time you are done with all that delicious meat, there won’t be much room left for dessert anyway! The only thing that could make this place a 10 star location, would be milk shakes! You guys add milk shakes, and I’ll love you for life. By the way, NYCTalking runs on a 5 star max rating system! Get what I’m saying to you?

This isn’t a fancy restaurant, the decor isn’t outstanding. It’s just a regular spot to eat dinner. Nothing fancy about it. The service is great, the staff here is genuinely nice. But at the end of the day, it is the food that talks. The food here talks the talk, walks the walk, and then drop kicks you in the mouth!

Odds are that if you take our advice and visit our friends at the Hudson River Crest, you will eat here by default. Especially if you don’t have a car, this is one of the only places within walking distance. However, don’t let it’s “default” status fool you. This place is absolutely phenomenal, and I loved it! It is far better than many, many, fancy smancy places that I have been to.

I loved it, and though I only go up to that area on holiday, I look forward to dining at this fine establishment again!

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