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I had to work last Thursday, so for our belated anniversary dinner, the lady and I went to Roki Le Izakaya.

For those of you who don’t feel like reading a lot, I’ll sum it up by saying that you should definitely go try this restaurant. The food was great, the service was great, and the atmosphere was also great. No complaints at all about this spot.

I’m gonna drop a few pictures, and tell y’all what I thought about it overall.

Here you have our seating area. My lovely lady with a portrait of Ms. Marilyn Monroe behind her. The space is very chic and sexy.

We tried this sample of sorts, and each one of those items was extremely delicious. There was spicy tuna, sweet shrimp, mushroom, salmon, all on a small bed of crispy fried rice. Extremely good. Bite sized as you can see, but you can get a few and each try some.

As usual, I got a bunch of rolls, and my wife went with the ramen. Everything was extremely fresh and delicious. However, what I remember most is how tender, soft and delicious the spicy tuna roll was. Damn that was a good roll. We got this seafood roll, but it was kind of big and jammed up, and that made it difficult to eat it and enjoy the individual components. You had to shove it in your mouth in order for it not to fall or break.

For dessert I went with this chocolate cake, and it was pretty good. It came with some ice cream, and sugar sticks of sorts. Really a nice, light way to end the meal.

I really enjoyed this restaurant, and I’d return in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.

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