Revisited Tyson Vs. Ali?

As far back as I can remember, people have been asking the question, “Who’d win in a fight, Mike Tyson, or Muhammad Ali?” In fact, when both of them were guests on The Arsenio Hall show, HallĀ asked that very same question. Ali joked about Mike’s incredible power, but Tyson humbly stated, “Ali’s the greatest of all time.”

I love them both, they are hands down my all time favorite fighters. But, I think that Mike Tyson was very similar in style to many of the guys that Ali beat. At the end of the day, I believe that Ali would have found a way to beat Tyson.

Hell, Evander Holyfield picked Tyson apart relatively easily. From very early on, he always claimed that he had the formula to take Tyson out, and that’s exactly what he did when they eventually fought. I don’t think that anyone compares Holyfield to Ali. In fact, Holyfield fought George Foreman, and it was an older version of Big George Foreman, way pass his prime. Foreman took it to him during that fight, he held his own. So it stands to reason, that if he were the younger version, he may have beaten Holyfield.

Of course we cannot know this for certain, but it stands to reason that Ali would have just the same won in a fight against Tyson. When it comes to boxing, they say that styles make fights. Just because A can beat B, and B beat C, it doesn’t mean that A can beat C. Ali beat Foreman, Frazier won one fight against Ali, and Foreman decimated Frazier. So, the logic is sound.

All that being said, I’d put my money on the late great champion, Muhammad Ali. What are your thoughts?

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