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Roma Pizza


What can one say about a cheap pizza shop? The slice was ok, the ginger ale was ok, and the entertainment was ok. Lol.

I had a guy manage to hustle a slice out of me at this place, and I watched some guy fight with the owner because he would not hire him. I also watched some other guy practically work there without actually working there. He took my tray, and said “thank you for eating here.” He chased some guy into the bathroom and insisted that he leave or buy something first. This was a really odd character, but man, I’ll tell you, he was willing to work.

This spot is right by the Delancey stop on the F train. Are you hungry? Drunk? Is it a late night and you wanna grab a quick slice. Sure, this place will work. The verdict is still out on whether or not I’ll get a headache, but there is no question that this pizza was greasy and probably not the best for you. *With one slice, I did not get a headache*

It was pretty late, otherwise I would have stopped by Goodfellas which is about 2 blocks away. Now that’s good pizza! But as far as getting a quick slice, this is pretty much the same as any other cheap spot out there.

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