Romance in the rain

Years ago, we were on the beach at a beautiful, tropical location. The weather was beautiful and sunny. We were playing in the water, enjoying our fun in the sun. Everything was perfect, then out of nowhere it began to rain a soft, gentle rain. There was no lightning or thunder so we remained halfway submerged in the water. I picked her up in my arms and spun her around in circles as we kissed passionately in the rain.

Yo, straight up, this moment was movie worthy! It was legit romantic and beautiful and all that!

There are not many things that I remember from those days, and I don’t remember this specific moment often, but on occasion it comes back to me. It’s one of those moments that no matter how much time passes, you never truly forget. These past few days it has been exceptionally humid in NYC and the humidity has led to sporadic sun showers. This triggered the memory.

As I watched the rain begin to fall at a moment’s notice, this reminded me of that amazingly beautiful moment at the beach nearly two decades ago. No matter how much time has passed, or where our lives have veered off to, I will always keep and cherish those special moments.

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