Roseanne fired, racist come forward

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that Roseanne’s show was just cancelled by ABC due to the nature of her racist “joke” tweet. What sucks most about this whole thing is that many people lose their employment over her stupidity. I was suggesting maybe kill her off on the show, then keep it going without her. I saw a great suggestion that maybe Wanda Sykes could come in and take over her role, then continue the show as if nothing happened. I’m on board with either of those suggestions. These other folks shouldn’t get shafted because Roseanne is an idiot.

Already, I’ve seen tweets telling her to stream it on her own, and many others defending her. Of course they would, you know how these stupid people can’t think objectively, they support who they support, no matter what. This doesn’t surprise me.

It also doesn’t surprise me when I come across posts like these. These people are obviously racist, and my guess is that they work for and with other racists, so they have no worries about expressing their racist views. I could be wrong, and maybe they are just stupid, but this kind of commitment to such ignorant views wouldn’t be so openly shared if they had anything to lose.

Anyway, take a look at one of the conversations I came across. I share with you some grade A high level ignorance.

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