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In my ongoing quest to try every restaurant in this area, today I decided to try Roti. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of Mediterranean food, but I decided to give it a try anyway. They claim the food is healthy, so why not? I’m glad I did. The food was pretty good. The format there is like Chipotle, Subway, and Dig Inn. They are all using the super rushed, in and out, assembly line style. This appears to be the most efficient protocol of getting customers in and out the fastest, and as such many of the area restaurants have adopted it. It’s no wonder that they are all always packed and super busy.

The first thing I noticed upon check-in via Foursquare was that I was being given a falafel on the house. You gotta love those little perks that these businesses give people for check-ins.

As always; I went with a rice bowl. At Roti this comes with a side of veggies as well. I meant to ask for what they recommended, but in the mega rush and bustle of pumping people out, the server understood that I said salmon. Rather than break the flow and interrupt the line, I just went with it.

The entree was pretty good. The salmon comes on a stick, and has a nice grilled, smokey flavor to it. For one of my side dishes, I tried the cous cous. The cous cous had a really good flavor. This was my favorite item from the meal. The rice was good; it had that unique Mediterranean taste. I also had onions, and those tasted, well, like onions. LOL. The veggies were somewhat bland, but hey; they are veggies. The falafel was good; it was different, an acquired taste, but after that first taste, it was good.

Overall, this was an average place. Not bad, not phenomal. Check it out, especially if you like Mediterranean.

These guys are pretty responsive on social media, and that is always a good thing. They saw my check-in on foursquare and reached out. I can always appreciate a company that takes time out to talk to their customers.

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