Rudy Giuliani Please Sit Down

I used to admire this man. As a life long New Yorker, I credited Giuliani for cleaning up our streets, and getting rid of much of the crime. I respected him for this, but now, I have to say, Rudy Giuliani please sit down.

These days, Rudy is flapping off at the mouth, and not really thinking about what he’s saying. He’s made constant attacks against the black lives matter movement, and keeps on trying to make it seem as though there isn’t a problem.

Rudy, bro, there is a problem. Systemic racism is real. You guys in the right wing side of the house need to realize this. Black people, and other minorities around the world are not out here marching, and fighting because it’s a fun thing to do. This isn’t a hobby, well, for some it is, I’ve seen a few of those, but for most, this is very real.

How is it that you have reached your age, and you still don’t see what I can see? You were the Mayor of one of the biggest cities in the world, you must be smarter than I am, you have to be. So how is it that I evolved, and learned, and see what is really happening, while you, a smarter man than I, still cannot?

Black lives matter is not about only their lives mattering, it’s saying “our lives matter too.” By default, all lives matter, but it seems to many, that black ones matter a bit less. This was also the case with our founding fathers, but that’s another story. What these folks are saying is, we do matter. We don’t matter less, we matter.

How is it that you cannot see this? Frankly, I think that you, and others like you are being willfully blind. You don’t want them to matter as much as you do, because then you’ll have to treat them equally. They might get power, and with that, you fear you will lose yours. Is that it? I mean, correct me if I’m wrong. I am open to dialogue.

On another note, I’d like to say that Latino Lives Matter too! We get killed just as often, but the news doesn’t seem to really care, it’s not sexy to them. Our friends at Telesur covered this topic in depth, take a look!

black and brown lives matter

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