Running Out Of Energy At The Gym

I have been consistently training for over 3 months now. My progress has been amazing. I can now do things in the gym that I couldn’t even think of doing in the beginning. This past Wednesday, I did my back routine, followed by one hour of cardio split on the elliptical and the treadmill. After that I did an intermediate step class, and continued on to do a HIIT kickboxing & core class.

Depending on your fitness level, this may not seem like much. However, a few months ago there was no way I could pull this out. Wednesday took a lot out of me, but the journey continues.

Today I went into the gym and did squats, deadlifts, core, and an hour of cardio split between the row machine and the elliptical. Usually by the time Friday rolls around, I’m pretty exhausted from the week’s training. That’s the normal pattern.

Today was a very different story, combined with the Wednesday training marathon, and training legs today, (I just added squats and deadlifts to the regiment) by the time I reached the elliptical I was running on fumes. I am completely and utterly spent. I pedaled, but my session was not as intense as I like it to be. Generally I train very hard, and I get soaked, and I feel the work. Today I tried, but I was just done. I still broke a pretty good sweat, and I’m certain I worked, but it was very, very challenging to keep moving. My body didn’t want to cooperate, and I pushed solely with my spirit!

I feel like I have hit a slump of sorts. I have increased my training significantly, while¬†decreasing my caloric intake, and I’m really starting to feel it. During times like this, I need really good music to get me in state to power through my lifting and cardio sessions. I make sure to take a little extra vitamins to prevent my body from being too run down, and I’m going to bump up my protein intake a little more the next few days.

The key is to not quit, don’t stop! These moments of feeling run down will come, but as long as you are still going in, and putting in the work, it’s better than nothing.

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Angel Rodriguez

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