Sanitation Departments Discards Over $8,000 Of Fresh Fruit And Vegetables!

Today I watched this video of the NYC Sanitation department discarding box after box of fresh fruits and vegetables. Their people stated “The NYPD called us in to dispose of the items, and that is what we did.”

The police claim that the owner of the store was a repeat offender, the offense being blocking the sidewalk with the food items. He claims that once they spoke to him, he began to put the food inside, but that they called the sanitation department who began to discard the food before he could finish.

Here is the bottom line with this situation. I don’t care if this man is a repeat offender, I don’t care if the cop was a jerk, and I don’t care if the sanitation department claims they were “doing their job.” We all know that there are many hungry New Yorkers, many organizations could have taken the produce and put it to good use. Of course they use the excuse, “Well, we can’t give the food away because of the legal risks.” Well, the food is being sold, so we know it is edible, at least in theory. So the exchange of money makes it okay to eat, but if it is “stolen” then it’s no longer okay to eat? Pay the man $5 dollars, and then it’s back on him, right?

Look, you can spin it however you want. You jerks always do, but we see through your silly antics. I think it is utterly disgusting that the NYPD, the Sanitation Department, and Bill Deblasio would allow this type of atrocity to happen while so many go hungry in our city!

“We were just doing our jobs.”


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