Santhigram Ayurveda Massage

This was probably one of the more interesting massages I’ve had. Note, it was not really a massage, but more of a soft rubbing in some specials oils. It’s more about energy and healing.

When I first arrived, I was put in a portable steam bath of sorts, I suppose to open up my pores? Then I got on this bed of sorts, and the therapist began to put oils on my body. Next he massaged it and rubbed me all over. It was quite messy folks, do not, I repeat, do not wear your Sunday best to this treatment, you are gonna get messy!

They sell these things in 3 packs, and I took the promotion as it seemed mathematically better than doing just one. This way I could try it, as could my wife. We both did it once, and neither of us has used the third yet. Reason being that it’s really messy. LOL. The other thing is that their hours are not really that great. Most of us work during the day, and weekends are best. I think they are closed on weekends, and early during the week. I didn’t even remember that I had the one left. I really should use it because if I don’t, I’ll forget and it will just go to waste.

Did it help or work? Honestly, I have no damn clue. The person who did it for me was a man, and the owner appears to be a woman. I once tried to book the 3rd appointment and she said that she couldn’t do it that day because she felt tired and her energy wouldn’t be good to do it. Like I mentioned before, this is more of an energy thing, as opposed to solely therapeutic. I didn’t leave their feeling re-energized or anything like that. I was oily, very oily. Does it help in any way? I don’t know, I’m going to try and book my 3rd and final session in the next few days or week. I’ll give it another try to see if this is helpful to my health or not.

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