Saudi Arabian? Fast track through TSA. U.S Marine? Please get off the wheelchair.

The Obama administration is adding Saudi Arabia as one of the countries that can fast track people through airport security. This basically means no lines, no huge checks, it’s like having a speed pass at Great Adventure or something. Also the Saudi Government gets to pick who would have this special status.

This is all happening while an active duty U.S Marine in Phoenix who lost his two legs in combat can’t get past TSA security without being humiliated. A U.S. Marine (active duty and presented his documents) could not get past TSA security without removing and reattaching his prosthetic legs and then being forced to painfully stand while his wheelchair was being inspected. The TSA claims that they did not ask him to remove and reattach his prosthetic. However, even if they did not ask him to do that, but they are giving him a hard time when he is obviously disabled and an active member of the U.S Marine Corps, clearly something is wrong.

But this makes perfect sense does it not? Why wouldn’t we allow foreigners from a country that produced many of the 9/11 hijackers easier access to an airplane? You think that because you are a man that lost limbs while fighting for this country that the TSA and the government will treat you better than the citizens of a country that struck a deal while financing Bin Laden? How dare you expect that, you are insensitive, intolerant, and racist. /end sarcasm/

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