Is Seattle the next Detroit?

Is Seattle the next city that will go all liberal crazy on us? If left to Mayor Mike McGinn and his misguided “Gun Free Zone” efforts, it most certainly is. Mayor McGinn and his buddies at Washington Cease Fire have been working with local businesses throughout the city promoting this “Gun free zone” agenda. Businesses have started to post “stickers” on their windows that indicate their establishment is a gun free zone. Mayor McGinn stated on Fox news and on his Seattle website that he’s doing this because gun violence needs to stop! I agree with him 100% on this, gun violence needs to stop! What I don’t agree with is that their ridiculous stickers are going to stop the gun violence.

These misguided individuals are under the impression that criminals will honor the “Gun Free Zone” stickers. This tired yet much needed point has been made time and time again, this ridiculous notion of a “Gun Free Zone” simply does not work. I believe that it has the total opposite effect. Stop for a moment, just stop and just think objectively. If you think gun free zones really work, all you need to do is look at a state like California, or look at the cities of Chicago and Detroit. These are places that have some of the toughest gun laws in this nation, giant “gun free zones”. Interestingly enough these are probably the most violent cities in this country! Why is that?

If the “guns” themselves are the major problem, then why don’t we hear about massive gun violence and drive by incidents and gang shootings from places where guns are a just normal part of life? I know what you are thinking, and I’ll respond. I know that accidents happen from time to time with guns. We can all agree that this is usually due to an irresponsible person and not necessarily the gun itself. Guns don’t jump up and shoot people. I also recognize that every once in a while someone goes nuts and goes on a shooting rampage. It is a damn shame that these things happen, but this can happen with anything, I know of a young lady who lost both her legs while on vacation in NYC because of an angry cab driver. So? Do we ban all cabs now?

This is the case with almost everything in life, things happen and nearly everything can be used to cause damage, destruction, or even death. But answer this question, why is it that the biggest gun problems are almost always exclusive to these gun free zones? Is that a coincidence? I think it is more likely that criminals know that the chances that they will be shot by a civilian carrying a legal gun are nearly zero in these gun free places. They know that they have the advantage because law abiding citizens don’t carry guns if they are not allowed to. Criminals on the other hand don’t care about your stupid “gun free zone” stickers.

I just don’t understand the logic that these politicians and law makers bring to the table. These store owners that are signing up for this “sticker” defense are a bunch of buffoons. Their argument is that they want to put a stop to gun violence, and like I said before so do I. I have written countless articles discussing the problems with these laws. I have covered why guns are still on the streets and who the real problematic gun users are. However our society doesn’t address the real problem. They insist on going after the easy targets, the people that obey the law. The legal gun owners. Meanwhile the criminals are still out there shooting at each other, shooting at us, killing our babies, all the while we are helpless to defend ourselves. On the rare occasion that a criminal is caught, they are slapped with ridiculous jail sentence and they are back on the streets in no time at all. In some case they come out even more violent than when they entered prison. The real problem goes unchecked.

We need to start handing down real prison terms for criminals. Those that use a gun to commit an act of violence that results in the death or injury of another should be put to death. Those that use a gun illegally should receive 10 years in prison right off the bat, that is in addition to their jail sentences for any other crimes they commit at the time. I recently read about a man that went to prison for 10 years for a death that he caused using a gun. He was back out on the streets after 10 years. After being freed this man’s actions behind the wheel of a vehicle ended up costing the lives of a young family including a wife, a husband, and their unborn child. Had that man been put to death for his first murder, these innocent people and unborn child would still be alive today.

Things need to change in this country, I agree with. But stickers are not the answer. Here is a video chat on the topic:

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