Second Week of meal prepping

Those of you who follow my social media may now be aware that I am in my second week of meal prepping. After my fitness assessment about two weeks ago, I decided that I needed to undertake this major step towards my next goal. I realized long ago that meal prepping was a major tool towards reaching your fitness goals, but I wasn’t ready for it just yet.

I’m finally ready though, and so far it’s been going great for me. This is just the second week in and I am well on my way to being under 200 pounds again. I’ve been struggling with getting my weight back down since I got sick and gained all that weight last time. However, this change has been really helpful in jump-starting my progress again.

I’ve been focusing my cardiovascular training on a form of cardio called LISS which is the acronym for low intensity steady state training. I’ve been doing about an hour of that on the days that I’m not teaching or taking multiple classes. I’ve been using a heart rate monitor because I train very intensely, and for me to stay within that low intensity zone I require knowing where my heart rate is.

I have been eating brown rice, yams, chicken, tomato, spinach, tuna, lean steak, and I also tried pork but that one is out going forward. I didn’t feel very good after eating the pork chops, but I feel great with everything else. Recently at the office we were discussing how to cook food with better flavor and some techniques that I could implement so my chicken doesn’t come out like rubber chicken. This weekend I tried try those techniques and it worked out great. Not only did the chicken cook up way quicker, it was not as dry!

Physically I feel great, I do get hungry by lunch time and some days I am more hungry than others. But overall I have to say that starting to meal prep has proven to be a great thing for me. I’m super excited to see how much more progress I’ll make, how much money I’ll save, and how I’ll continue to feel overall.

If you are wondering whether or not meal prepping is worth it, let me be the first to tell you that it is a great move and if you can make it work for you, then go ahead make it work! It’s totally worth it.

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