Sesame Street to take on topic of divorce.

This morning I expressed my sentiment in regards to a snippet I saw about a new Sesame Street special taking on the topic of divorce. I have not yet reviewed my (when I was writing this in the a.m) Facebook, twitter and g+ replies, however I bet that I will find a mixed bag of sentiment on the topic ranging from “there is nothing wrong with it” to “parents should handle this themselves”.

Well, I can agree with both sides of the coin. Parents should definitely be the ones speaking with their kids about such a sensitive topic. There is no question about that. However, parents should also be talking with their kids about sex, and drugs, and violence, and many of the other problems society faces today. Am I right? Lets face it though, not all parents are prepared for this task, otherwise there would be no teen pregnancy, gangs and so on. So here we are,  why not let Sesame Street help that kid out?

That being said, even in a home where the parents are responsible, caring, and actually talk to the kids about the situation, why not supplement the explanation with a muppet that can relate? Children require support, structure, and I think that it may help a child to see someone they admire that is in their same situation and surviving, making the best of it. Maybe seeing that is all the kids needs to cope better? I’d argue that seeing this muppet talking about the same things that the kid is feeling could help them cope. Why not?

More importantly, Sesame Street appears to have taken many precautions on this sensitive topic. So much so that this episode is not even available on tv, not to mention that they scratched an attempt to do this 20 years ago! The episode is available online for streaming. So if you are a responsible parent that monitors their child’s computer usage, then they would never see it unless you allowed it. At the same time the parents that want their child to watch it have the option. I think this is a win/win situation.

What do you think? Are you with Sesame Street on this or against this being taken on by the popular kids show?



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